Collaged Dog

My company offers bright, bold, colorful illustrations that are guaranteed to pop out and grab every reader's attention.

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2 Faced Tiger

Design NP.com offers illustrations that are exciting, unique, and out of this world. Contact me today to check out all of my interesting illustrations.

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Grumpy Cat with Old Man

Don't think of this company as one that fades into the same old routine of predictable illustrations. Think of it as one where surprise awaits the reader, with the turn of every page. Jump on this chance of a lifetime opportunity. Contact us soon, so that we could journey together in making children's books a cosmic adventure into new and exciting worlds.

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My Creative Interests

Need an illustrator whose has artistic visions that are unique, creative, and loved by children from all places. Let your imagination run wild as you view illustrations by Design Np. They are guaranteed to keep young readers involved and wanting more. Let imagination soar to heights that are out of this world with illustrations that are designed to draw you into their dimension.

My desire is to create an atmosphere that is lighthearted and fun. Holding a high level of interest as a digital illustrator, I would love to make children's books come alive. I love drawing caricatures and all kinds of witty designs. Ultimately, I am a curious artistic individual who is willing to experience the fun side of visual arts. I believe that art should be subjective, make us learn, and help us appreciate ambiguity and creativity.


My Goals

I would love to do business with you as your illustrator for children's books. To contact me for a free quote or to request a pamphlet of my designs, please contact me at 630- 675-6049 or alternate number 630-825-8432. Also, I will reply back to all of my e-mails within 48 hours. Feel free to contact me at nicholaspillish@yahoo.com. Take your illustrations to the worlds of imagination. Call today at 630-675-6049.